A Portable Storage Unit Is A Big Help When You Remodel Your Home


If you're undertaking a complete cleaning and upgrading of your home, you'll need to clear out the rooms so you can paint, add new flooring, or tear out walls. This creates an inconvenient situation if you need to crowd your furniture into another room or move it to a storage facility. A better solution is to rent a portable storage unit and keep all of your belongings at home. Here are some advantages of using a portable storage unit.

20 June 2018

Efficient And Safe Moving For Tech Businesses


Do you need to move more than a few pieces of furniture and some fragile glass? Businesses that need to move computers, monitors, 3D printers, or various measuring and monitoring instruments will need a bit of extra consideration before throwing everything into a truck. Here are a few tech business-specific concerns to keep in mind as you plan your next business move. Momentum And Movable Parts It's reasonable to assume that computers and other electronics would be considered fragile goods.

7 February 2018