Efficient And Safe Moving For Tech Businesses


Do you need to move more than a few pieces of furniture and some fragile glass? Businesses that need to move computers, monitors, 3D printers, or various measuring and monitoring instruments will need a bit of extra consideration before throwing everything into a truck. Here are a few tech business-specific concerns to keep in mind as you plan your next business move.

Momentum And Movable Parts

It's reasonable to assume that computers and other electronics would be considered fragile goods. That's not a wrong assumption, but it isn't the whole story.

If you put a computer into box with fragile-friendly packing such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you're just protecting the case and providing a bit of anti-impact protection. That's not a bad thing, but it's not going to protect your computer from the bumps and shakes that happen during moving.

Inside most computers is a set of components that are held in place by screws. The motherboard is one of the main components that connects all other components, and some components can be a bit flimsy or loose when moved too much.

Expansion cards such as video cards, network interface cards (NICs), or sound cards are prime targets for movement. With a big enough shake, these cards can flex and bend a bit like a diving board. Unfortunately, they're nowhere near as flexible as a diving board, and can begin to crack or completely snap when a computer in packing peanuts or bubble wrap is hit with an external force.

The case itself may be fine, and the standard fragile packaging may reduce some of the impact, but there's still a lot of movement inside the computer that isn't getting protection from the packing materials.

The easiest option for most businesses would be to remove any flexible, flimsy components. Place the components inside anti-static bags and ship them like any other fragile materials. Other options include investing in shock-absorbing containers that can reduce the force without having to open the electronics.

Make Setup Easier With Efficient Disassembly

Many households label their boxes with the designated room, or even a piece of storage furniture to make moving into a new place easier. Businesses can take that a step further in order to make business setup easier.

In addition to labeling boxes, be sure to label bundles of equipment for a specific desk, person, or task. Even with specialized technology, some cables and components may look similar while having programmed differences that aren't obvious without trial and error.

Be careful when adding labels to certain electronics with touch screens. Adhesive strips can leave residue behind on the screen, which becomes a chore to remove and can even lead to breaking the screen as users apply too much force.

Contact a moving services professional to discuss other parts of arranging an efficient business move.


7 February 2018

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