2 Options For Long Distance Moves


Moving long distance isn't always easy. There are a lot of logistics that you have to handle. That can even include having to find your new house online, without even setting foot in it before you actually move. One of the biggest logistical pieces is how you are going to get your stuff from your old house to your new house. Yes, you could load everything up into a rental moving van, but trying to drive everything across country, with your family and pets, hauling a car, can be tricky. This is especially true if you have never driven a large moving truck before. There are other options that are available to you. 

Long Distance Movers

These are movers that specialize in moving in long distance. These movers have trucks of varying sizes so that they can fit all your household goods into the truck without leaving space. Extra space can end up costing you money. If you aren't moving a whole lot of stuff, you can see if the moving company can actually split a load. The way that this would work is that your belongings would go into the back of their truck, and then whatever space is left over is used by someone else who is going to the same basic location as you. This may take more time for your stuff to get to your new house, but it is an option. Make sure that you talk to the moving company to see what your options are so that you can pick the one that is best for you. 

Movable Storage Units

Another option is to have a movable storage unit delivered to your house. When you have it all packed up, you can call the company that owns the unit and they will pick it up. Once they pick it up, they will ship it over to your new location so that you can unpack everything and get settled into your new home. One benefit of doing it this way is that you are going to be able to pack everything up at your own leisure and same with unpacking. A drawback is that you may end up without your furnishings or most of your belongings for a couple of weeks on either side of your move, depending on the company's schedule. 

When you are moving long distance, you want to pass off as many of the logistical details as possible. One way to do that is to work with a company that does long distance moves. For more information on long distance moving, contact a company that provides this service.


24 January 2022

create a checklist for your move

When planning a move, you have so many things on your mind that it is easy for you to leave out the important things that need done, as well as the not-so-important things. Creating a checklist will help you get through the entire process without missing a beat. My blog will provide you with several elements that you need to remember to assist you with creating a checklist that will meet your personal needs. Hopefully, what I have included here will take some of the stress out of your move and make things move along without any problems arising expectantly.