Tips For Moving During The Winter


Planning a move into a new house or apartment is exciting but potentially stressful. Things could be even more stressful if you must move during the winter time when the weather is less than ideal. If you don't want to let the outdoor conditions throw a kink into your moving plans, a little advanced planning can go a long way towards helping you make your move.

Ensure Your Driveway, Sidewalks or Any Other Applicable Pathways Are Cleared of Snow and Ice

If it frequently snows in your area, it's important to try and make it as safe as possible before the movers show up. Get to shoveling if needed and don't forget to put down some salt in order to remove any ice and prevent new ice from forming. You could also consider letting the movers use an alternate entrance like a back or side door if it will be safer than the front door.

Use Plastic Tarps to Keep Snow and Ice Off of Your Hardwood Floor or Carpet

Do you have hardwood floors or expensive carpet in either your old house or your new one? If so, you will want to make sure snow and ice is not tracked inside by the movers. One easy way to do this is to purchase some plastic tarps. With a little attention to detail, it should be possible to spread these tarps out across your floors and properly secure them so that the tarps are completely flat on the ground and will not cause an issue for the movers as they walk back and forth. This will prevent damage to your house or apartment and allow you to simply pick up the tarps and move on instead of worrying about vacuuming or cleaning the floors.

Keep an Eye on the Weather and Stay in Communication With Your Residential Moving Company

Weather can turn quickly during the winter and if you are scheduling your move more than a week out, you might not know for sure what the weather is going to be like. If it looks like there is a storm coming on moving day, stay in communication with your movers and consider re-scheduling if possible. An additional consideration might be to figure out what time the local snow plow truck or salt truck comes through and schedule your move until after the local town or city has done their part to help clear a path to either your old or new home.

Contact your local residential moving company for more details.


24 January 2022

create a checklist for your move

When planning a move, you have so many things on your mind that it is easy for you to leave out the important things that need done, as well as the not-so-important things. Creating a checklist will help you get through the entire process without missing a beat. My blog will provide you with several elements that you need to remember to assist you with creating a checklist that will meet your personal needs. Hopefully, what I have included here will take some of the stress out of your move and make things move along without any problems arising expectantly.