Helping Elderly Parents Move: DIY Or Hire Movers?


If your elderly parents are at the point in life where it's time for them to leave their homes and downsize to a small condominium or an assisted living facility, you might struggle with the decision of whether to move them yourself or to hire professional movers. While there is no one correct answer, here are some considerations that might make the decision-making process easier.

Number of Items

If your parents have lived in the same home for decades, chances are very good that they have many items that will not be making the move with them to a smaller place. It might be very difficult for them to pare down their belongings. This is something that a family member might want to help them with.

On the other hand, movers, particularly senior move managers who specialize in helping senior citizens downsize their living spaces, are removed enough from the situation to help your parents make these often emotional decisions. You will need to consider your parents' personalities when deciding whether you should be the one to help with this potentially draining task.

Your Parents' Motility

Are your parents still quite active, or do they need help with many of their physical activities? While wanting to help them move is natural, if they cannot assist at all, you're going to need someone helping you. If you have other siblings or cousins nearby, or if you can rely on a few close friends, then do that. Otherwise, professional movers are likely the best option, as they will bring along the man- (or woman-) power required get the job done quickly, easily and safely.

Your Own Logistics

Do you live in the same town as your parents, or can you take several days to a week off of work and your other obligations to assist your parents with their move? Or do you live several cities or even states away? Even if you live in town, you might be dealing with long work hours, the needs of your children, classes you are taking, volunteer obligations and other activities.

Determine whether spending many hours helping your parents pack, purge and move would create a hardship for you. If it would, don't feel guilty about hiring movers. Ask friends for recommendations and call to speak with the movers so you feel comfortable leaving your parents' possessions in their care, then allow them to do their job.

Making a Compromise

If the answer to whether or not to hire movers to move your elderly parents is not clear after thinking about these considerations, brainstorm about what compromises can be made. Maybe you can spend a weekend helping your parents purge unwanted items but allow movers to do the actual packing and moving. Another option would be to have the movers pack and move your parents, while you go in and help them unpack and make their new apartment or condo more like a home.

Remember to involve your other siblings, if any, in the decision and in the workload. If you are the only adult child living in the area, consider asking your siblings to fly or drive in to help, at least for a day or two. On the other hand, if that's impossible, their moral support to both you and your parents can prove invaluable.

Moving your elderly parents is likely to be an emotional and bittersweet experience. Relying on professional movers to take on at least some of the tasks involved can allow you to be more emotionally present for your parents as they go through this difficult transition. It will also ease your workload and can prevent some of the tension that is bound to occur if you were to handle the whole job yourself.

For more information to help you make a decision, talk with professional movers in your area, such as those at a.m.p.m. Movers.


11 January 2016

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