2 Tips For Preparing For Your Upcoming Move To Another Country


If you are getting ready to move into another country, you may be excited about the prospect of living in a new environment. You may also feel overwhelmed with the preparations, especially when it comes to knowing what you can pack and bring into your new home. If so, use the following tips to help you prepare for your upcoming international move.

1.  Contact the Customs Department to Find Out If Any Items Have Import or Duty Fees

Unlike a domestic move where you simply put all of your belongings into a moving van and transport everything across state lines, you will have a few extra steps when you move into another country. One of these major steps involves going through customs.

Especially if you are moving larger items or anything that is considered exotic, you may have to pay import or duty fees upon arriving at the customs department. If you do not prepare for this before you move, you may find yourself faced with surprise costs that you are either unable to cover or that will leave you short on funds once you reach your new residence.

A week or two before you move, contact the customs department of the country into which you will be moving to ask about any bulk items or other pieces that may have import or duty fees. You can also contact a moving company that deals with international moves for assistance.

2.  Ask Whether There Are Any Restrictions on What You Can Bring into the Country

Either while you are on the phone with customs or searching the internet for information about your new home, you should also find out if there are any restrictions on what you can bring into the country. There are items that are prohibited and will be confiscated if you try to move them across the country's border.

For example, if you have several firearms because your state allows their possession, you may not be able to bring them into the new country at all, or if they do allow them, you may need to have a special permit. Some houseplants are also banned in certain countries because they are considered a risk to the local ecosystem.

Using the tips above can help you avoid problems once you start moving your family and belongings to your new home in another country. If you need assistance with moving your household or have questions on the legalities of the move, consider hiring an international moving company to help you with the process.


11 December 2019

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