Two Instances When You Can Sue a Landlord for Moving Costs


According to some people, the average person needs at least 8 weeks to prepare for a move and make it happen. Sometimes, however, people have to pack up and leave at the last minute, incurring considerable costs in the process. If your emergency move is due to something your landlord did, you may be able to recover the cost from him or her. Here are two situations when you can collect moving costs from your landlord.

15 January 2016

Helping Elderly Parents Move: DIY Or Hire Movers?


If your elderly parents are at the point in life where it's time for them to leave their homes and downsize to a small condominium or an assisted living facility, you might struggle with the decision of whether to move them yourself or to hire professional movers. While there is no one correct answer, here are some considerations that might make the decision-making process easier. Number of Items If your parents have lived in the same home for decades, chances are very good that they have many items that will not be making the move with them to a smaller place.

11 January 2016